movie The Elephant King (2017) 1080p

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Title:The Elephant King
Duration:77 min
Country:Iran, Lebanon
Genre:Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, History
Director:Hadi Mohammadian
Writer:Behruz Afkhami, Vahid Amirkhani, MohammadBagher Mofidikia, Hadi Moghadamdoost, Hadi Mohammadian, MohammadAli Ramezanpoor, Abbas Shrara
Actors:Saeed Sheikhzadeh, Hossein Erfani, Nasser Tahmasb, Zohreh Shokoufandeh
Summary:The Elephant King is a movie starring Saeed Sheikhzadeh, Hossein Erfani, and Nasser Tahmasb. After being humiliated by others, "Shadfil" goes through ups and downs in so many adventures to finally win everyone's heart and become the...


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Comments (5):

Dre DayJust watched the movie.... It was awesome!!!!

matt jThis movie is dope

tuuu15After watching the trailer it seemed super corny and lame. After watching the movie it’s one of the best films I’ve seen to date

K ThereseThis movie was utterly brilliant - everyone needs to see this movie.

JellyJamStudiosI came for the comments.

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