movie Hellbox II: A Dimensão Negra (2019) 1080p

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Title:Hellbox II: A Dimensão Negra
Duration:25 min
Genre:Short, Horror
Director:Rui Constantino
Writer:Rui Constantino
Actors:Rui Constantino, Robinson Cohen, José Almeida, Francisca Serralha
Summary:Hellbox II: A Dimensão Negra is a short starring Rui Constantino, Robinson Cohen, and José Almeida. The Hellbox lays inside the catacombs of the forgotten church, but a greedy priest steals it, evil is once again near, has the dark...


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Comments (6):

Ayaz AhmedLove the movie it great and most importantly it true it love it

LifeAsItIsThe cast is great))

Imre NagyI watched the movie and i have to say WOW, it wasn’t like a normal movie it comes out all the time... it was something new and different. The Story is 20/10 the sounds and the effects 20/10 and the ending 30/10. I can hardly prefer! Very good job guys, we need more movies like this is.

AztecaMy husband kept telling me to watch it. So I finally did. OMG!!! It’s a great movie.

Ifi XaralampopoulouLove this movie!!! It’s worthy!

Nickthanks for showing me the whole story

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