movie Hitler versus Picasso and the Others (2018) 1080p

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Title:Hitler versus Picasso and the Others
Duration:94 min
Country:Italy, France, Germany
Genre:Documentary, History
Director:Claudio Poli
Writer:Sabina Fedeli, Didi Gnocchi, Arianna Marelli
Actors:Toni Servillo, Timothy Garton Ash, Jean-Marc Dreyfus, Edgar Feuchtwanger
Summary:Hitler versus Picasso and the Others is a movie starring Toni Servillo, Timothy Garton Ash, and Jean-Marc Dreyfus. An extraordinary report on how Hitler looted 'the great beauty' of Europe: the art that was the expression of its...


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aidas111best moovie ever !

Shawnda JohnsonWent to see this movie.. AWESOME.

Genvis MuçaI watched this tonight, speechless. I loved every single moment. I hope there’s a sequel, there must be.

jim rayA hidden gem. Recommended.

Holmes NguyenJust finished watching it and gotta go back here to tell you it was awesome!

IGGYWhat a nice movie to watch with girlfriend.

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