movie Minerva & The Wicked Heist (2018) 1080p

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Title:Minerva & The Wicked Heist
Duration:28 min
Genre:Short, Fantasy
Director:Rona Walter
Writer:Ivo Alexander, Rona Walter
Actors:Emma Laird Craig, Rob Leach, Will Turner Roden, Jason Segade
Summary:Minerva & The Wicked Heist is a short starring Emma Laird Craig, Rob Leach, and Will Turner Roden. Minerva McGonagall is investigating a sinister heist in the Muggle world managed with magic while she waits for an owl from Hogwarts.


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Comments (6):

Sam AdamsI watch it at the theatre Saturday it’s very nice I loooooooove it bad my money was well spent

Kapel Boxjust came home from the movies just incredible.. finally enjoyed a movie after a long time

Juli CI want to watch it again

kookbookOne of my favorite movies ever.

Sarah was actually a really good movie, i don’t get why the trailer makes it look so bad

Ashley Bthis movie was freaking awesome! but I gotta admit I didn’t understand the ending very well.

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