movie Sequestro Relâmpago (2018) 1080p

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Title:Sequestro Relâmpago
Duration:85 min
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Director:Tata Amaral
Writer:Tata Amaral, Tata Amaral, Marton Olympio, Henrique Pinto, Henrique Pinto
Actors:Marina Ruy Barbosa, Daniel Rocha, Sidney Santiago, Tess Amorim
Summary:Sequestro Relâmpago is a movie starring Marina Ruy Barbosa, Daniel Rocha, and Sidney Santiago. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Isabel, a 25-year-old girl, is kidnapped. The first ATM the criminals try to withdraw money from is broken. It's...


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Comments (6):

Cake CrazyBrilliant film - made me laugh and cry

Eric PelezoJust watched this ! Very Impressed, with every detail about this movie. Music, plot , action, acting, and the twists are awesome! Go See This!

Aroused ToiletI watched this movie and it is so worth the download! Awesome plot was not expecting the ending! 20/10!

Imre NagyI watched the movie and i have to say WOW, it wasn’t like a normal movie it comes out all the time... it was something new and different. The Story is 20/10 the sounds and the effects 20/10 and the ending 30/10. I can hardly prefer! Very good job guys, we need more movies like this is.

gamesatom8This was amazing defenetly one of my favorite movies

Seth Abdouthe movie would have been better if it was like the trailer

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